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What Does Your Baby Really Need? Baby Registry Tips for New Moms

My first pregnancy 20 wk ultrasounds
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So, you're pregnant!  It's an exciting time, especially with a first baby.  The mind wanders and dreams of what being a mom will be like, what the new baby will be like, and all of the cute things that can be done with a baby.  It is a grand romance of the mind.  But then, registering for gifts begin.  Sure, it's really fun in the beginning and really exciting to hope that someone will buy that really beautiful $1000 sleigh crib as a gift, but as items fill the registry, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with just how much a baby needs!!!!!!  Well, I'm here to tell you there is actually very little your baby needs, in fact, go with less and you will actually have a much healthier and happier baby!

First, let me start with a disclaimer.  I do not ever do "reviews" in exchange for anything. Period.  I am a three time mama and have learned by the wasting of much money that more stuff does not equate an increase of ease or happiness for you or baby.
I do have Amazon affiliate links in this post.  Clicking on the links does nothing for me, but should you buy an item from the link, Amazon will pay me a very small percentage.  Your price is not affected by my links. Links going anywhere other than Amazon or Psalm Baby do not benefit me in anyway.


I have three main categories for just how necessary big ticket baby items are:


You need it:
These are items most people NEED to have.  They are either required by law or necessary to caring for a baby.

Car Seats - If you travel by automobile, it's the law.  Don't go used.  God-forbid you are in an accident with your baby, you want to know that the car seat will function as it is supposed to.  You don't have to buy a top of the line seat, but do make sure it is new.  Car seats are supposed to be thrown away after an accident, but many people will sell these seats on Craigslist.
Diapers -  Your baby will need diapers of some sort.  After our first year of diapering, I realized that we were spending a lot of money on diapers.  I read that cloth diapered babies tend to potty train quicker and that cloth is actually better for baby.  I did some research and decided to make the switch.  If you are thinking about cloth, its best to invest before baby comes.  Different companies have different recommendations on how many you will need but I think they often over estimate.  Which ever route you go, do not stock up on newborn diapers unless you are planning for a non-hospital birth.  The hospital will give you plenty of newborn diapers. 
Clothes - This one is obvious, but which clothes you need might not be.  You don't need a ton, they grow quickly.  Make sure you have some plain long sleeve rompers for under other clothing, a few short sleeve rompers for hot days (only use these indoors, infant sunburns are very dangerous), some pants with footies (socks never fit newborns), and some beanies.  Everything else is extra. 

You want it:
These are items that some would call necessary but are really items that you will just be glad to have.

Stroller - Huh?!?! Not necessary??? No, they are not.  We bought an amazing travel system that I coveted for 7 months of pregnancy, but the stroller was so bulky that it was much easier to put baby into a carrier--she was much happier too.  Some people really love their travel systems, but it's really better to hold your baby as an infant.  Once your baby can sit up assisted, a nice covered umbrella stroller.  It is much lighter than the travel system strollers and much cheaper.  This is the one we bought from WalmartHere it is in pink.  It is the best umbrella stroller we have bought because the handles are at a nice height for us.  Usually the handles are so low on umbrella strollers that using them begins to hurt my back after a bit.  It is $40 at Walmart, but $200 on Amazon!  Yikes! Take notes: Shop around!
Baby Carrier
- You don't need one, but I highly recommend them.  Buy from a place that accepts returns and exchanges or support a local baby shop.  They will allow you to try different carriers with your baby and will train you on how to safely use them.  I could not have gotten anything done around the house for the first year without one.  Where ever you decide to look for one, make sure it supports Baby's head, spine, and keeps your baby's legs bent and not dangling.  These things are bad for your baby's developing spine and hips.
Crib/ Play Yard - These really are not necessary, especially if you co-sleep but they can be very nice to have for day time naps, especially once Baby starts rolling around and crawling.
Breast Pump - This is not a necessity, but I do recommend one.  They are great for the purposes of starting your "let down" and latching, especially if your nipples are sore.  They are also good for storing extra milk.  You may never need to use the extra milk, especially if you exclusively breastfeed and breastfeed into the toddler years, but it is a better "back up" than formula.  If you produce a lot, you might want to consider donating excess milk (do keep a reserve for your baby though).
Nursing Cover and Nursing Pads -  You can technically live without these, but they are nice to have.  Even if you have no problem breastfeeding without a cover, occasionally you may be around a weird man who just can't stop staring at your breast.  It is nice to have the option to easily cover up without overheating Baby.  Nursing pads are great too.  I love washable pads.  They are eco-friendly, double-able, and much cheaper in the long run.

Don't Buy it:
You might decide to buy these items later, but they are completely unnecessary items. 

Feeding Items - Don't worry about this yet.  There is no logical reason to stock up on plastic bowls and spoons yet.  Consider delayed solids.  Not only will it encourage natural breastfeeding, but it will save you money and is much better for baby.
Bottles, Bottle Warmers, Formula - Breastfeeding is best for baby, no one will deny this, but with all of the "convenience" of bottle and formula gifts and coupons, it is easy to give up in the first weeks.  For many moms, breastfeeding does not come easily, so eliminating bottles and formula from your registry--and even respectfully asking that no one purchase them as gifts--is a great way to ensure that you do not fall into the formula trap.  Eliminate your "back-up" and you will have much better chances of success.  If you are unable or unwilling to breastfeed after the first few months, then go out and buy what you want, but first, do your baby and yourself a favor, give it a valiant effort and commit to exclusively breastfeeding for at least one month.
Changing Table - Putting a fleece blanket on the bed works just fine (it's water retardant).  If you really want a "changing station," buying a changing contour and placing it on a dresser works great!  After the baby's first year, it is actually much safer to change your baby on a bed or the floor.

More information:
Delaying Solids

Experienced moms, what items did you buy and not need?

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