Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lay or Lie? Why is English So Difficult?

Let sleeping babies lie

"Lay" v.s. "lie"... oh me, oh my.  Seriously, this has to be one of the most confusing word mix-ups in the English language for me.  I always hesitate in using these words because I always know that I am likely going to use them incorrectly.  Most people will not notice, but it just bothers me that I don't understand the rule!

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Not wanting my children to share in my ignorance, I had printed a lot of multiple page explanations of how and when to use "lay" or "lie" but honestly, I am still confused!

If you can relate, keep reading.  I found a nice little image that can be printed out and kept somewhere where it can be regularly seen (such as your wall next to your computer monitor or on the front of a school binder).

As my children's primary educator, it's really important to me that they learn proper grammar, word usage, punctuation and such.  They are counting on me! 

So here it is:

Credit: QuickandDirtyTips.com

The full explanation is clear and concise--the best I've seen so far.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone else as well!

Here is a great video on "lay" versus "lie" from Merriam-Webster!

Find the full article here: Lay Versus Lie: 3+ Ways to Remember

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