Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings: Pointillism Artwork

I am not much of a "new year resolution" person, but I must admit that there is something wonderful about the year "refreshing."  Yes, yesterday carries over into today, but at the same time, the dawn of a new year can make it seem as though it doesn't.  Today was the first Monday of the year, so we commenced school.  Being that my kids are in kindergarten and pre-school, we keep homeschooling it pretty simple.
Today we had fun learning about pointillism (dot art) and the new year.  Here are some pictures of what we did.

Although their counting is limited to counting from zero through 100, they had a great time learning the "humongous number" 2,014.

 I cut out the number 2014 on construction paper and then attached it to another piece of construction paper using re-positionable tape runner.

The girls then filled in the 2014 with dots using markers.  After they were finished, they traced the inside on the number and peeled away the guide sheet.

They then finished up by drawing some creative "fireworks" around the year.

Meanwhile, I embarked on a mission to clean our school/ craft cabinet. I did resolve to have a newly organized cabinet for the new year.  Banker's boxes were a great help to my quest for organization!

Good, productive Monday!

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