Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simple Mexican Pita Melt

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Meals must be the thing that I stress about the most.  I get busy during the day and then it happens: its 4pm and I find myself without a clue in the world, in terms of what I can feed my family. 
On a usual basis, you can be sure to find certain foods in our kitchen: a fresh pot of beans, salsa, and pita bread.

This is a deliciously nutritious meal that can be quickly made with a few Mexican leftovers.
  The ingredients are simple: whole-wheat pita bread (heated over an open flame and then cut in half), beans (pinto are used in the photo but any type will do), a slice of deli cheese (half in each pocket), some fresh avocado, and your favorite fresh salsa (I topped it with guacamole salsa).

That's it!  You can easily compliment this simple dish with a side of rice.


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