Friday, November 18, 2016

31 Days to Clean - Days 5 & 6

My family and me on our way to church this past Sunday.

As I continue on the cleaning and homemaking journey, I am constantly reminded to why... Why is this important?  Why should I complete this task?  It is easy for me to look at my windows, blinds, carpet, etc and think: I did this recently, there is no need to do it again. Yet ultimately, I do.  Now on the other hand, I am very quick to examine the Mary challenges and "do them in my head" while marking them complete in my mind.  This is not true accomplishment as I am ensuring that nothing changes in my life.  I do not allow room for growth by doing this.

So for my Mary challenge, I am to write out my top five priorities

  1. God - Making Him my top priority through prayer, reading, and music.  We have a written prayer list and pray through it every morning.  I would love to make more time for reading (something I am currently doing with this book and another that I am currently reading--more on that one later).
  2. My husband - Serving him with my heart, body, and talents.  I do everything that I am able when it comes to serving my husband, and I know that HE knows that he comes first, but I would like to make an even better effort at not grumbling when it comes to things that seem inconvenient at the moment.  
  3. My children - I always struggle with consistency and routines.  I love that we are spontaneous and free, but there are times in which I would enjoy us having a bit of a better schedule.  I need to be more consistent about making play dates and having consistent library days (this will help with late fees as well!)
  4. Church/Extended family and friends - This is something I really need to work on... serving those around me.  I need to find ways to serve others and bless them with the limited time and resources that I have.
  5. Personal time - I would love to be better about planning time in my day for leisure reading, sewing, and playing guitar.  I do these things, but a little more consistency would be nice.  I wouldn't feel so compelled to do these things for long periods of time if I knew that I would do them again soon.  

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