Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Boho Driftwood Jewelry Display

Today I'm sharing this super cute and simple jewelry display! 
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Living in San Diego, we have a lot of driftwood, so some months ago, I had asked my mom to keep an eye out for some nice driftwood for a macrame project that has yet to happen.  Meanwhile, I've been needing a solution for my jewelry collection.

Up to this point, I had been using hooks on a door mounted towel rack.  Although it was functional and kept my necklaces from getting tangled, I often found my jewelry covered with scarves or cardigans.

But enough with the stories, here is how I made it:
  • I got my piece of driftwood
  • some worsted weight or thicker wool yarn or hemp cording
  • jewelry

I tied the yarn to either end leaving slack in the middle and was done! Since the weight of the driftwood is not distributed evenly, I put some heavier items on one side to balance out the wood and make it appear a little more level.


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  1. Simple yet effective! And pretty and inexpensive, too :)

    Michelle @ Easy Home Concepts

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