Friday, March 16, 2018

Why is My House Always Getting Messy? 31 Days to Clean - Day 7

So I'm getting back to my book 31 Days to Clean by Sarah May and I'm currently on day seven.  Day seven's reading is basically about the curse. 

As Sarah states it, the curse is not that we would have to work (there was work before the curse and we will again have work after the restoration of all things) but rather that we have unproductive and tedious work.

No Matter how many times I clean and have the kids clean up after themselves, I always seem to find a mess.

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The little math cubes that you see above scattered across my floor are a wonderful homeschooling tool, but horrible little buggers to step on.

Some days I can't help but ask myself, "What's the point?"  I find myself wondering if I should join the "sticky floor" club of moms who claim that a messy house is a sign of a happy family that is making memories.  In reality, I know I could never be happy that way, and I'm not quite sure that it actually makes anyone happier.  Our very existence cries for order and some degree of structure.  Our kids need it, our husbands need it, we need it, despite any memes we may share and signs we have hanging on our walls. 
God gave us a command to have dominion over His creation, to tame it, to give it order, to reflect Him throughout a fallen and ever corrupting world.  As I sit here typing this, amid my little mess while nursing my sweet babe, I am reminded why it all matters, why I keep doing it, and why it feels so satisfying when it's done, even if it only says clean for a moment.  When I subdue my home so that it serves my family: keeping us safe, providing us shelter, granting us comforts, and becoming a little kingdom for my husband to come home to after a long day at work, it is all worth every effort and struggle.  Through it, I get a tiny foretaste of the redemption that lies ahead, not just for us, but for all of His creation.

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