Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mexican Mother's Day.  This is the day I usually celebrate Mother's Day with my mom.  In honor of this day, I wanted to share something for newer moms.

For whatever reason, post-baby bodies are frequently included in my Instagram explore feed. Women sharing how they are working out at a few weeks post delivery and sometimes even bragging that they are back on track after a week. Posting photos of their trim tummies—absent of any evidence that a life had just grown inside their wombs. 

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Another such image popped up today. I clicked on it and saw comments from women lamenting that they had not been as disciplined, that they were in too much pain to walk—let alone lift weights, that they didn’t look as trim and muscular. 

There’s a big push-back from “regular moms” who want to eliminate this pressure, who want women (and men) to know that rolls and still looking pregnant after baby are normal. This excess weight is not something to be ashamed of, but in the end if we are honest with ourselves, most all of us want to be fit and attractive. I think it’s a good and healthy goal, but not at all costs. Not right after a baby is born. 

I found this photo last week and it brought be immense joy. I took it when Valene was about 3 days old(‘08). I’m so glad that I did. One of the benefits of having my first baby at a younger age is that I didn’t have friends to compare myself to in terms of post baby fitness. I expected my body to change and although my clothes fit me oddly, at the moment I took this photo, I felt beautiful with my still pregnant looking tummy and with my newborn baby in my arms. 

My mirror was filthy, house a mess, but I look at this photo and remember that when we came home after she was born, I burst into tears as we parked. We left home on a normal work day as two people and returned as a family of three! What an incredible miracle! 

There are such better goals and areas of focus right after a baby is born. 

How are mom and dad adjusting, how is breastfeeding going? How is mom’s diet? Does she have enough healthy foods to eat, does she need some meals brought over? How is baby adjusting to life outside the womb? 

Working out is great. Let’s not rush it. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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Originally posted on my personal Instagram account 4/18/18

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