Saturday, August 25, 2018

Update on My Sewing Desk!

So, I've had my desk for just under four months now and let me tell you... I am still totally loving it!  It was easy to build (I did it completely by myself--no help from my husband, just from baby Paul). 

Check out my Instagram stories to see videos as I built it!

My Finished Sewing Desk!

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As you can see, he really enjoyed "helping" and also quickly realized that the real screwdriver was more fun than his Melissa and Doug tool set.

Don't worry, he's back to loving those safer wooden tools!  I highly recommend them!

It's design makes it super sturdy and my machines don't bounce around as I'm sewing fast!

The other bonus is that the table isn't too glossy and I can take really nice product photos for Organic Fabric Company and Psalm Baby!

I'm in crafty heaven!


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