Monday, February 19, 2018

How to Better Manage Your Time: Even if You Have a Personality Type with a Poor Concept of Time

Time management is difficult for me. I’m often so caught up in a task that hours can pass by in what seems like the blink of an eye. In fact, my well-intended efforts to meet with someone are often delayed substantially because something that I think will take 10 minutes can take (rob) an hour of my time before I realize it! However, despite this issue involving time as a construct, I’ve found some simple ways to save time throughout the day and to keep too many tasks from stealing away your day.
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  1. Start the day by making your bed
  2. Minimize the contents of your closet and chest of drawers
  3. Wash small batches of laundry
  4. Wash laundry frequently
  5. Fold and hang clothes as soon as it comes out of the dryer
  6. Buy less things - this means less things to put away
  7. Have a place for everything but NOT a thing for every place
  8. Load the dishwasher after each meal and have it run in the middle of the night
  9. Unload the dishwasher before breakfast
  10. Breakfast prep the night before (try overnight oats)
  11. Homeschool easy lessons first thing in the morning while making breakfast... then the day is yours!
  12. If possible, have kids help clean up after breakfast while you assist others with 1-on-1 homeschool time.
  13. Don't get sucked in to mini-projects-- this is the most difficult for me.  Seriously, I struggle so much at this!  Aim to complete tasks before beginning new projects.

  14. Wear a wrist watch to keep track of time and use a paper planner to write everything down.
  15. Enjoy your family.  Be sure to take breaks and stop to smell the roses, with your family.  That is the best way to redeem your time!

    How do you manage your time?

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