Saturday, May 5, 2018

Babies and the Kitchen Sink

Today Paul is 16 months old! Today Paul still fits in the kitchen sink for baths, but not forever and not for long. I will miss these days with all of my heart.

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I will look back and remember that theses were my glory years, the best days of my life. Days of emptying myself for my babies, changing and washing diapers, cleaning runny noses, carrying tired bodies.

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Life will never be better than this. These kids are my purpose in life, to nurture them, love them, teach them, and lead them to Christ. . .

Originally posted on my personal Instagram account from 4/20/18.

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  2. Your positive attitude is contagious; thank you for sharing it! I've been leveling up in Coreball, and you should try it as well!


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